Is Obama Trying to Turn the Border into the Next ‘Third Rail’?

Finally, some interest from local media, as things just get worse!

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One distinct feature of the record number of deportations is the increasing share of deportations by U.S. Customs and Border Protection after border apprehension.

An estimated $640 million has been diverted into what critics. “During the Obama administration, groups committed to revolutionary social change’ sent proposals and met with high-level HUD and.

In February 2007, the mexican government stated they would not under any circumstances accept foreign nationals from third countries that the United States wants to deport. In recent years, the majority crossing from Mexico into the United States have been from Central America.

Obama will not close the border. They will use this "crisis" to try to push new policies, and try to make it look like they are "helping" us. Their vaccines will most likely make things worse, and will allow the flu to spread and mutate. The only way to close the border is to take the law into our own hands.

In his Afghan "surge"speech at West Point last week, President Obama offered Americans some specifics to back up his new "way forward in Afghanistan." He spoke of the "additional 30,000 U.S. troops"he.

Far too often, particularly in the Obama Administration, that was not the case. repeated calls for a comprehensive Israeli settlements freeze disappeared into the gap between. through checkpoints.

TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton on Tuesday broke down what President Obama could do next in handling the crisis on America’s southern border, where tens of thousands of illegals have flooded into the United States in the past year. "There’s no doubt that the situation at the border is a total mess right now, which means that the unexpected is likely to happ

On the next page was another photograph, this one a close-up of the same man’s hands.. even holding up a presidential nomination to try to force a hearing on it, Mr. Obama eventually rewrote.

Burgeoning numbers of Cubans trying to enter US via Mexico – The Mazatln Post