Border Patrol Agents Rescue Over 100 People Locked in a Trailer

On July 8, laredo north border patrol agents assigned to the Border Patrol checkpoint on interstate 35 discovered 33 immigrants inside of a locked tractor-trailer.. On July 8, Laredo North Border.

Visiting Laredo, Texas

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Authorities would not say whether the trailer was locked when they. for human life.” The Border Patrol has reported at least four truck seizures this month in and around Laredo, Texas. On July 7,

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In the last two months, Border Patrol agents have thwarted 42 smuggling attempts involving tractor trailers, rescuing 406 people from possible death due to soaring temperatures along the Southwest border. On June 30, agents arrested an adult female for attempting to smuggle 10 individuals through a Border Patrol immigration checkpoint. The individuals were discovered in the sleeper cab of the truck after a Border Patrol K-9 alerted to the presence of narcotics and people in the tractor trailer.

Border Patrol agents keying in on human smuggling involving tractor-trailers. CBP says on July 1, agents arrested two individuals for trying to smuggle 14 immigrants past Border Patrol in the sleeper compartment of a truck. Then, later that day, two more people were arrested for smuggling 12 people locked inside the trailer of an 18-wheeler.

Agents proceeded to open the trailer and discovered a total of 120 people. Although all individuals appeared to be in good health, they were evaluated by Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technicians. Fortunately for all individuals found inside the trailer, the weather was unseasonably cool and conditions inside the trailer were bearable.

El Paso police officers and U.S. Border patrol agents. immigrants died after being trapped inside a tractor-trailer traveling across Texas. About 100 people held a vigil in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday for the victims of an.

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Later that day, two people were arrested for smuggling 12 people who were locked in the trailer compartment of an 18-wheeler. "In addition to securing and protecting our nation’s borders, frontline Border Patrol agents are committed to reducing heat-related injuries and preventing deaths along our borders," said Border Patrol Acting Chief.