Mexico tourist hubs, border towns grapple with thousands of murders

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In addition, the FBI has Border Liaison Officers who travel to Mexico on a weekly basis to coordinate with law enforcement partners. The Southwest Border The Southwest border (SWB) of the United States is the principal arrival zone for most of the illicit drugs smuggled into the United States, as well as the predominant staging area for the.

Can it realize its potential and become a hub of North. of cartel crime, modern Mexico has emerged a vital trade partner for U.S. businesses. Every day one million people and more than one billion.

A migrant from Honduras, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, poses in front of the border wall between the US and Mexico in Tijuana, Mexico.

Between the 1940s and the 1960s, the busy route 66 sent thousands of travelers through the town of Glenrio. Built on the border between New Mexico and Texas, the town offered motorists a road stop.

The city itself has been prone to violent civil unrest for almost a year. The tourist areas are said to be safer. Tijuana One of Mexico’s biggest and busiest cities, it’s also one of the most crime ridden. It’s a major border point for motorists entering the country from the U.S., so if you’re driving down south in that direction, be on your guard.

Mexico, about to break all records of murders in 2017. Rising crime has also affected popular tourist destinations including Los. this is a small part of Mexico in certain areas where there are strategic hubs for drug trafficking and along the border. Lets just keep it real! Dwight. Delete.

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President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday, halting his administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S./Mexico. border illegally, children in tow, is not a.

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Bogatz’s appetite for meth fueled a life of crime. hub for Mexican meth within the past two years, first through the greater volume of the drug being seized and later after linking cells here to.

This is what has happened since the Trump administration placed asylum in a chokehold. The Associated Press visited eight cities along the U.S.-Mexico border and found 13,000 immigrants on waiting.