“If these numbers do not scare you, nothing else will!” – LIFA

This has always been on my list regardless of whether I was doing well in life or doing badly. I think helping people helps you to help yourself, I’m not sure if that makes sense. This is a really good post about keeping lists of things to do when you’ve done everything else, time is a precious commodity and it’s important not to waste it..

You like him, you thought he liked you. But his texts and calls have stopped. Dating Coaches Jillian and Jan Yuhas explain exactly what to do when a guy stops texting you so that you don’t seem.

This can keep you from seeing the amazing things in your life now. I spent a ton of my life looking for “something better” in many aspects of my life. This kept me from being happy, in the moment and enjoying life. Make sure you’re living your life the way you feel is right for you, not what you think you’re supposed to do or be.

 · If you prefer waking up early to staying up late, you’re in luck. According to a new study published on Wednesday in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), so-called “larks” have a lower risk of breast cancer than their “night owl” counterparts.. Previous research has shown that night owls have a higher risk of early death, and are more likely to suffer from obesity, insomnia, anxiety.

Having a mentor many times makes all the difference between making it in life or not. Learn how to find a mentor who will accelerate your success.

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"If these numbers do not scare you, nothing else will!" President Trump has plans to make vast improvements to our border security and immigration system.

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Communications Director, Author at LIFA – Page 4 of 73 – Communications Director May 23, 2019 May 23, 2019 lifa news This is a fantastic opportunity for a son, daughter, grandchild, to get a great start in the right direction in their life. LIFA highly recommends this program. "If these numbers do not scare you, nothing else will!".

Specifically my technique helps your mind seperate your work life from your personal life. If it works – and I have never failed – in your personal life your work life will be a bit hazy. The moment you leave work all the stress will just melt away until the next day. Your personal life will be entirely yours again.

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