Finally, some interest from local media, as things just get worse!

US border city seeks more engagement with China  · A line of trucks wait for sugar to be unloaded from a vessel at the Port of Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico, on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013. Mexico’s central bank cut its growth forecast last month, projecting the economy will expand as little as 2 percent this year, half the pace of 2012 and the least in four years, amid stagnant exports to the U.S. and a first-half drop in government spending.

Keep an eye on local media – VERY IMPORTANT. Things can change in an instant. There may be new restrictions on movement around the country. Ask the local authorities – if you want advice on WHERE is safe to travel, just ask. They will know.

How social media makes things worse. march 30, 2015 ryan deschamps community Development , diversity , ideas policy , post-materialism , protest , statistics , tone policing A little ways back, I decided that I would try my best to fight misinformation on the Internet.

Cae uno con cerca de una tonelada de mota’ en Laredo  · Guinea-Bissau has long been labelled a narco-state. Today it is likely that the West African country continues to be a major hub for cocaine. The losers in the drug deals are its citizens. Guinea-Bissau, dubbed by the global media as Africa’s first.

Matt Damon shot an arrow at Chris Hemsworth while on vacation. Matt Damon. The news you need, every morning. And the world is finally paying attention.

Democratic Presidential Debate - June 27 (Full) | NBC News  · Finally, let’s visit with Obama’s way of dealing with the self-imposed plight of illegal immigrants by essentially making many of them legal for at least a little while.. our site felt the.

Ataque armado de sicarios deja cuatro hondureos muertos en Jurez Islander Student Pursues Passion for Musical Theatre #NAME? Jinger Duggar: Is She Really Feuding With Her Parents?! – Wireler Mxico: MSF en la ruta migratoria Actualmente, en MSF brindamos asistencia mdica, psicolgica y de trabajo social a cientos de personas que continan llegando a la frontera. les presentamos esta galera de imgenes a lo largo de la ruta migratoria por Mxico. Y te invitamos a leer este texto, donde escribimos sobre lo que han visto nuestros equipos: music student pursues a life in the pit. a Composition student with a minor in musical theater, Anyone can tell she is driven by her passion for musical theater.".CLARO Y DIRECTO | El Eco del Mante GUADALAJARA, Jalisco, 21 de junio (SinEmbargo/AFP/EL UNIVERSAL).- Un ataque armado en calles de Tlajomulco de Ziga, Jalisco, dej al menos cuatro muertos, entre ellos dos agentes de la Fiscala estatal y dos supuestos criminales, adems de tres sujetos detenidos por esta agresin.EUA construiro tendas para 7,5 mil imigrantes na fronteira com o Mxico

The last episode of season two, "Casino Night," is a classic. It’s filled with humorous entertainment as the office takes some time to attend a fundraiser awkwardly hosted by Michael Scott.

Just like a kid sees the local weather reporter tracking Santa’s flight path, an adult with stage two Santa Claus Syndrome will see as real other fictions in the news and media (such as chemically treated food is just as healthy as organic, or nuclear is a safe energy system).

Things I’ve Gotten Worse At: Resolutions.. Maybe I’ll join a local gym so I can get in really good shape for the summer. JR:. savings account. They say to start saving as early as possible, even though I have over $50K in student loans with an interest rate that took ten years off my father’s life. JR:.

 · Young People and the Budget – Worse than we imagined? By Alan Mackie on July 11, 2015 ( 5) If there is one shaft of light, one crumb of comfort to be drawn from the budget, then it is that finally some serious media attention is being paid to the.

And even some of Trump’s top advisors doubt the North Koreans will ever agree to the U.S. demand that they give up the nuclear weapons that generations of the Kim family have pursued as the ultimate guarantee of their rule. The practical upshot of Trump’s 53-minute meeting with Kim was an agreement to restart nuclear talks.