Olivia Williford (LivTheBookNerd)’s review of The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande

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A Texas man says he’s caught the mysterious chupacabra, but a wildlife official isn’t so sure. KAVU reports.

It is known as both chupacabras and chupacabra throughout the Americas, with the former being the original word, and the latter a regularization of it. The name is attributed to puerto rican comedian Silverio Prez , who coined the label in 1995 while commenting on the attacks as a San Juan radio deejay.

However, Maria (Katsy Joyner), Pete (J.V. Trevino), and Daniel (Chris Doughton) soon discover the Chupacabra is more than a myth, and they find their lives in danger as they try to uncover the truth about this strange beast and its deadly appetites.

El Chupacabra (or El Chupacabras) is a cryptid said to live in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Anaheim California. Gilbert Arizona. Texas to Florida, Michigan, Maine and even Oregon. Its name comes from the Spanish translation of "goat sucker", because of its habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, including goats.

The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande is my favorite book so far in The Unicorn Rescue Society series co-authored by Adam Gidwitz. The characters and their back-stories keep deepening as the action gets even more exciting. In the fourth book of the series, The Chupacabras of the Rio Grande, David Bowles co-authors the book with Adam Gidwitz.

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The Chupacabra’s appearance is a much debated and widely contradictory subject. Here we will discuss some of the creature’s supposed attributes. It is hard to come up with a clear picture of what the creature is supposed to look like from this information, but you can decide which Chupacabra you think is the most realistic, if any.

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In Puerto Rico and Mexico City, the Chupacabra becomes an urban legend. In Martinique a similar legend is attributed to the lentikri, devilish beast sucking the blood of animals in the evening. Chupacabras stories are beginning to appear several times in television news in the United States, and derivatives such as t-shirts and baseball caps are on sale.