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Trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage. – A truck driver is facing assault charges for allegedly using insect spray as a weapon during a road rage incident in Texas over the weekend. The incident occurred around 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 27, in Laredo, Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle.. Officers with the Laredo Police Department responded to a call for assistance at the Bob Bullock Loop and Jacaman Road.

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Police are appealing for witnesses after a road rage incident in Pymble today in which a man was charged, NSW Police say. About 11.45am (Monday 7 May 2018), a 55-year-old man was driving a truck north on Forest Way, St Ives when he allegedly tailgated a station wagon being driven by a 59-year-old man.

I actually have wasp spray to use on wasps. Cars that have sat for a while tend to attract them in the door jams. One of my friends grew up in Italy and since using things like mace to defend yourself is a crime she would carry WD-40 or some other "automotive" spray solvent in her car.

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Transcript for Road Rage Truck Driver Gets ‘Instant Karma’ America’s — Some aggressive driving in Florida that’s getting a lot of attention on line — a woman was recording as a guy in the pickup.

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Truck Driver and Veteran Charged After Road Rage Escalates into Gunfire by Jana Ritter – Published: 2/08/2017. A truck driver and a veteran were arrested Tuesday evening after a road rage incident escalated into both men bringing out their guns and firing shots. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but police say it went far beyond a regular case of road rage and both men ended up in jail facing.

Finally, some interest from local media, as things just get worse!

RUBBING IS TRUCKING part 1: Angry Trucker Tries Uses Truck as Weapon. Instant Karma!!!! Truck driver slain in road-rage shooting on Interstate 10 in. – Police were searching for a semi-tractor trailer truck driver who shot and killed another trucker in an apparent road-rage incident saturday afternoon while both were driving east on Interstate 10.